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As you can see from this post, there are many things to do on our SarajaVo route, but when we explored it during our Balkan road trip, we made a list of the best things we did and behaved in doing so. Where to stay and what to eat, how to travel and of course where and how much to drink, all these things are important.

Sarajevo is one of the most important cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the second largest city in the Balkans. We have a list of all the places we have visited during our trip to the city and our thoughts on the best things we can do in the city.

This is a famous museum that exhibits the traditions and cultural memories of the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its people, as well as its cultural heritage.

The Gazi Husarev Mosque in the Old Town is one of the must see in Sarajevo - see bees and the oldest mosque in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In this area you will also find a number of historical monuments, as well as a museum, restaurant, art museum and many other attractions.

Visitors to Sarajevo should take the time to learn about the country's turbulent past and forget about a better understanding of the civil war in Bosnia. The War Tunnel Museum is a must-see, and we are very touched by the War Children's Museum, which opened in 2017. Visit all the interesting museums in Sarjavo, because you will experience a deep history and fascinating culture that Saraja and Bosnia and Herzegovina share as a whole.

The idea of spending two days in Sarajevo has tapped into our wanderlust, so we start with a fairly simple reason for visiting: there are many things to see, and we have listed them here in a certain order as part of your Sarjavo visit. Check out our other destinations and ideas for Bosnia and Herzegovina or if you want to learn more about the best things to do in Saraja and other parts of the country, please read our list of good things to do during your stay in Sarajivo.

The city of Sarajevo is located in the valley and has a population of about 1.5 million people and an area of about 2,000 square kilometers.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is located in southern and eastern Europe and is home to the capital Sarajevo, which has a well-preserved old town where Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated during the battle of the Bosnian War in the early 18th century. There are many places to visit, and you can even make a list of places where you mention a city as a visit to Bosnia when visiting Bosnia. You can be part of a group of people from different ethnic groups, religions, ethnicities and ethnic backgrounds when you visit places.

If you do not have time to spend 2 days in Sarajevo, one of the most popular tours is a tour from Dubrovnik to Sarjavo. Most of the walks start in the old town of Saraja and lead you through the history of Sarajivo from the point of view of the locals, and they are recommended by the guide. If you decide to stay in Sarani for a longer period of time, you can also consider the following day tour to Saraji and from there. This is actually very close to our overnight place, so we took it and took the tour between Dubrovsnik and Saraijevi.

If you know a little about Bosnia-Herzegovina's past, you will know that Sarajevo was attacked not even 20 years ago, and you will hear about the atrocities that have taken place in the city of Bosnia in the aftermath of the war. To get a better understanding of what happened in Saraja during the Bosnian War, we started our day with a visit to the "Sarajevao War Tunnel." The guide himself escaped from Sarjavo through this tunnel, but Neno, the man himself, is a local from Sarani and was our guide on the tour. After a walk through the main attractions of Sarajivo, built in 1892 - 94, our visit begins with the neo-Marquess Old Town with its old town hall and the old town hall.

Many of the city's cultural and historical buildings were destroyed by the 1992-1995 siege of Sarajevo, and the effects of that war are still visible in the ruins of many of them. The most popular place to visit, the war tunnel of Srebrenica, is also connected to the war, as the tunnel served as a food supply during the blockade, and there is a museum dedicated to those killed in the Sreb Renica massacre.

So, despite all the depressing things mentioned above, it is a funny thing to be in Sarajevo, and it is also one of the best in the world that you can see for yourself. Visit the bobsleigh run on Trebevic Hill, which overlooks the city itself. Start in Bascarsija, the oldest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the second largest city in Bosnia. There are many attractions in and around Saraja, but we will look at some of them in this post.

More About Sarajevo

More About Sarajevo