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From fusion cuisine to authentic Bosnian dishes, here is a list of the best restaurants in Sarajevo, from the best restaurants in the city to the best food. It includes the most popular restaurants in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as some of our favorite restaurants from other parts of Europe. We offer you the list of the best restaurants in and around Saraja, with particular emphasis on the top 10 restaurants and restaurants with the highest quality of service.

For recommended restaurants in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina we have provided a link to Google Maps for each.

You will find that some restaurants are cutting out a disproportionate amount from our vegan Sarajevo guide, but you will certainly get what you pay for with delicious seafood. If you visit a restaurant in Saraja, you should be on the cheaper side and find restaurants serving traditional Bosnian cuisine. You will also find a home - cooked Bosnian cuisine, but if you are looking for a fairly tasty meal, you can find it in many restaurants in Bosnia and Herzegovina, even if it is hand baked or baked. The best vegan food in Sarajeverso can be found in restaurants such as Bijeljica, Zagreb, Belgrade, Kranjevic, Bihac and Zadar.

St. Lepinja is represented in most of the dishes of the Balkan House, including the owner of Bosnian origin, who serves a variety of dishes that are not traditionally served in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Stuffed peppers are also available, as are dishes such as chicken, pork, beef, lamb, chicken and pork ribs. This restaurant in the centre of old Sarajevo offers a wide selection of dishes as well as a good selection of vegan dishes.

Sarajevo is prepared with the same filling as sarma, sogan and dolma, mixed with rice and many spices. The Bosnian tarhana soup I learned to make has a tomato base, although it contains minced meat. To make it, mix the minced meat with some rice and then mix it with a little olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic.

This soup is uniquely Bosnian because of its Turkish origin and is harder to find elsewhere in the Balkans. This is a funny fact, considering that in 2018 it was a particularly difficult task to find more than a handful of Albanian restaurants. Many of the dishes here can be eaten in Sarajevo, although some people like to shy away from the epithet "Bosnian cuisine." Bosniak cuisine, but we have some characteristics in common with our former Yugoslav neighbours.

The good news is that it is easier to find halal food in Bosnia than in other Balkan countries. Halal food is available throughout Bosnia, and finding it is not a problem, as there are many Muslim-friendly establishments in the country, including restaurants, cafes, bakeries, hotels, restaurants and even hotels in Sarajevo.

Cafes are also very popular in Sarajevo and it is a great place to try a cup of Bosnian coffee. It is easy to find both in Saraja, Mostar and other tourist places and is also excellent as a souvenir. If you have time, you can always leave Saraniya for a few days to visit some of Bosnia's most popular coffee houses, such as Mince Coffee, Mice Coffee and Minced Coffee.

Burek is a kind of Turkish cake that is easily available throughout the Balkans and is one of the most famous dishes in Bosnia. It is similar to the sweet Bosnian food, which is of Turkish origin, but the Bosnians take it more seriously and it comes from the Ottomans who brought Turkey to the Balkans. The Balkans are usually characterised by the fact that they include parts of countries that are located on a peninsula, and each region has its own characteristics.

The Balkans may be a large and complicated region, but the food is simply delicious, and Sarajevo itself has four main districts, including the city center, the eastern part of the capital, and the western and southern parts. The city itself comprises four major districts: the central city of Saraja, Bijeljina, Srebrenica and Zagreb, as well as several smaller ones.

At 10 am, Bosnian is one of three of these variants, which, along with Serbian and Croatian, are considered the official language of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bosnians eat a lot of meat, which is seen in most of Bosnia's traditional food. So try a soup based on meat, such as a stew called the Bosnian pot. If you are in a small town like Mostar, you can assume that your bf is Bosnian, but if you don't have time, you have to try it yourself. You will be wondering if there are restaurants in the area specialising in Balkan dishes such as Punjene, Burek, Cevapi, etc. If you are in small towns outside Bosnia and Mostars with your train, visit one of the restaurants such as Bijeljina, Zagreb, Sarajevo or Kranj, and there is a good selection of them.

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