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The Hotel Europe has been designed and restored to its original splendour after 130 years of tradition. In the heart of Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina with a population of more than 1.5 million people, it will have a fascinating view of Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Serbia and the capital of Croatia.

It is about 8 km long and almost half of its length lies in the canyon of the Miljacka River. At the entrance of Bentbasa, you can visit the promenade that starts from the old Sarajevo promenade (also known as Aleja Ambasadora) and is also located at the end of this promenade. In Dariva there is also a climbing rock, which leads in this direction and is already marked.

Going in the other direction along the Miljacka River, you will reach Vilsonovo setaliste, which will delight you with the linden tree planted during the Austro-Hungarian reign. As is clear from the list of ambassadors who have stayed in this country on our behalf, 150 linden trees were planted by someone who has lived on this property before. Others have told us about the history of the estate and its use as a tourist destination during the Second World War.

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For a century, Hotel Europe has hosted the most important events in the history of Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Balkans, and is a silent witness to Sarajevo's history. During their visit to Sarjevo, this hotel was visited by important statesmen, politicians, diplomats, businessmen, journalists, artists, musicians, writers and many others.

Hotel Europe is a good choice if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of Sarjevo and its tourist streets. Do not forget to know the history of the city, visit cultural attractions and enjoy the beauty of the old town such as Bascarsija.

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More About Sarajevo