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A few years ago, I wrote about my first impressions and suggestions of what to do in Sarajevo, and finally collected some of the more unusual places to visit as a guide to alternatives. In my original post in Saraja, I spoke about hotels, but these hotels deserve to be mentioned in this article too. Here are six of the most notable war hotels our correspondents recall briefly calling home.

At the time, Bosnian architect Ivan Straus planned to create a city centre around the hotel with facilities such as hairdressers, travel agencies and tobacco shops. The hotel opened as a Holiday Inn during the 1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympics, but became the home of the US ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, John Kirk. This historic hotel was reopened in 1998 under a new name, Hotel International, as the Intercontinental International Hotel.

The present complex, which was opened in 1969, is named after the Ottoman governor Skender Pasha from the 15th century, who settled here at the end of the 14th century. Sarajevo's cemetery is one of the oldest in Bosnia and Herzegovina and dates back to the Ottoman Empire's occupation of Bosnia during the Second World War.

Bosnian Serbs used the cemetery as an artillery position during the Bosnian war, but events soon put an end to these events. During the conflict, the complex was heavily damaged by enemy fire and heavily mined during the conflict.

Dobrinja was one of the most heavily bombed districts of the city during the siege of Sarajevo, and most of the city, including the former Olympic village, was severely damaged.

Many of the structures in Sarajevo were destroyed during the Bosnian war and have been abandoned ever since. One eye-catcher - the Intercontinental Hotel Dobrinja - still shines in its former glory.

The current incarnation of Hotel Holiday is the Hotel Europe chain, owned by Bosnian businessman Rasim Bajrovic. IHG operates 14 hotels in Vietnam under four brands and plans to open 15 hotels in the next three to five years. It is part of the company's plan to build on the success of InterContinental's Phu Quoc Residences.

HHFL staff will visit the hotel to make it a brand name InterContinental Hotels and Resorts. Designated Guest Experience Champion (GEC) employees and guests must also attend a Leading Brand Training at the new hotel, which will be held in each hotel prior to the opening.

Annexes 7 and 8 provide supporting information that Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina (see section 4 above). Plaintiff to prove the use of InterContinental Hotels and Resorts as a registered trademark in connection with the construction and operation of the new hotel.

The plaintiff acknowledges that he has authorized the Hotel Tourist in Sarajevo ("Djl") to use his trademark as part of the franchise agreement. The reply argues that there is no competition against the complainants because they currently do not have a Holiday Inn hotel in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

If you are in a city that ticks many boxes, I can tell you why: it has affordable living costs, a long and fascinating history, is multicultural with friendly people, serves as the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the most densely populated part of the city in the world and has the best shopping opportunities to offer. If you like to photograph concrete skyscrapers, then enjoy Sarajevo, which happens to be multicultural and philanthropic. If you look at the old town, there are plenty of alternatives in and around Saraja, you can visit the town hall in Romer to discover historical treasures or get lost in one of the many museums on the banks of the river. Experience the good shopping that this city has to offer and behave in some of its best restaurants, bars, cafes, restaurants and hotels.

A closer look reveals the scars of the war, including the ruins of the old town and the remains of Bosnia-Herzegovina's war against the Ottoman Empire.

If you are interested in Yugoslavia - era spomenik, it is easy to visit with your own transport, although this was certainly not always the case. Back to the station we went over the Rhine bridge, where we can arrange for the Rhine course (there are several possibilities, but this is the most useful). It is fantastic and it is a pity to see this place in its sad state.

The website in Annex 4 of the complaint states that the hotel is the property and operator of the InterContinental Hotels Group. The reply does not make clear whether the website has been changed after this complaint was filed to remove the reference to a licence of the Intercontinental hotels group.

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More About Sarajevo