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Bosnia and Herzegovina has become a popular tourist destination and shopping center because it is one of the hidden gems of Southern Europe, and it is easy to see why. The capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina is now turning into a magical old town that feels like you have travelled in time.

Sarajevo is located in a valley, so it is not difficult to have a good view of the city. A trip to Sarajegovo would not be complete without setting off along the banks of a flowing river and strolling along the banks of the river to admire the red-roofed buildings.

One of the must-do things in Sarajevo is hiking and enjoying the best view from the city. Unfortunately we could not go there, but it is possible to make a day trip to the mountains in and around Saraja, so more encouragement from the people is needed. This inexpensive activity, which gives you a great feeling for this city without tasting the earth, is one of our 15 best activities in Sarajegovo. Check out our list of 15 amazing things to do in SARajivo and add this city to your list as soon as possible!

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You can also imagine staying in Sarajevo for more than a day, and there are some places outside the city that are definitely worth a visit.

There is also a tinkerer and coppersmith named Kazandziluk, who is worth a visit just to see his wares, even if you do not shop. There are many shops and restaurants in Sarajevo, and even a few on the outskirts, such as Bijeljina.

The ever-lively Ferhadija pedestrian street in Sarajevo is famous for its beautiful architecture, which clearly reflects the Austro-Hungarian influence. Food in Sarajeva is one of the biggest specialties of the city, as it offers a wide variety of food, from the most unusual places to eat. There is a fusion of Asian and Balkan cuisine, produced in a way that creates a combination that is not found anywhere else in the world. It is also located on a hill and definitely offers one of the most breathtaking views of the whole Sarani, but

Instead of authentic products, Sarajevo's most popular shopping center is the BBI Center in the center of Saraja. While the old town of Mostar and Sarani are the main shopping centres in Bosnia, there are also several open-air mini markets that sell things at a much fairer price. For international brands, the shiny city centre is a good bet, but for places with authentic products, it's the best bet. Most of the shopping malls in Sarawak are newly built, renovated and offer a modern shopping experience without the annoying pop music that can play itself all day long.

If you want to shop in Sarajevo, get ready, but check out our guide to the most beautiful places in Bosnia before you start planning your itinerary.

Learn what is happening in the country's second largest city, Mostar, and we recommend you visit it for a few days.

Sarajevo and Mostar, which we visited during our trip to Dubrovnik, were unexpected highlights of our trip. If you know in advance, buy a map of Europe or a book with Bosnia to get to Sarajevo, but everywhere else it is not a problem. When we knew we wanted to visit Mostars, we didn't know where we were going to be and the coverage disappeared. We've spotted some of the best Instagram's there, as well as some photos from the city itself.

The best book about the city is Sarajevo Marlboro by Miljenko Jergovic, which offers authentic pictures of life under siege. It is an absolutely fascinating, harrowing and depressing tour, describing the lives of people during the siege and the time they coped and died with the war, but it is enough to understand the cruel war.

If you get a souvenir from Bosnia and Herzegovina, then a traditional Bosnian coffee service, and I recommend you try the traditional Sarajevo coffee service, like the one shown above. You can buy dried lavender bags in many places in Bosnia, but they are obviously intended for tourists visiting Mostar, so I would only recommend them if you want to taste them.

Today it is the largest historic mosque in Bosnia and Herzegovina and was the first mosque in the world to receive electricity in 1898. The BBI Centre was built on the site of the former Sarajevo State Department Store, which was then part of the SFR Yugoslavia. It is served with an emphasis on cevapi, so this is definitely the most authentic meal you can get in Saraja.

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More About Sarajevo